Wedding Cakes


It’s once in a lifetime. Don’t take a chance: choose the wedding cake expert….

Make your wedding day even more special with a delectable, custom wedding cake expertly designed just for you. This hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind edible masterpiece is sure to be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. No idea is out of the question… MN works together with every bride and groom to choose a cake that reflects their tastes, beliefs, and desires. Whether your style is simple and elegant, whimsical, or romantic and glamorous, we will work with you to make this experience unique for you, your guests, and your taste buds! See our gallery, above, for examples of our custom wedding cake designs. At MN Cake Boutique we recognize the importance of your big day. We know the wedding cake takes centre stage and are dedicated to ensuring that your wedding cake experience exceeds your expectations in every way. With many flavours to choose from and made from the finest ingredients, your cake will be a feast for all the senses. The weather may be out of your hands, but with MN Cake Boutique your cake experience will be guaranteed. A little bit of history... The wedding cake is a symbolic centerpiece of your wedding day, the tradition dating as far back as the Roman Empire has over the years changed in its form; it all started with a loaf of barley and its breaking over the bride's head, continued with sweet buns in Medieval England and then in the 17th century a bride's pie, whose "main" ingredient was a glass ring. Today, this once very simple dessert has evolved into a multi-tiered, lavish, edible work of art. Let our cakes be part of your history. Contact us to arrange a free consultation today!
Crafting wedding cakes for clients in Hamilton and area for over 25 years, Gordana taught Cake Decorating Classes for 10 years at Mohawk College and now offers classes of her own.